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1. How can I get started with Social Cash Robot?

It's SUPER easy and completely free to setup an account with us. Just click here and fill out the information then click the button to submit. You should be redirected to your account immediately after signing up!

2. What are the different ways that I can make money with Social Cash Robot?

That's an EXCELLENT Question!

There are several different ways that you can make money using your Social Cash Robot account.

Here's what you can do...

Purchase Income Generating Shares

Shares are the bread and butter of the Social Cash Robot system! Each share will cost you just $49 each and this will guarantee you a lifetime of passive income. There is no limit to how much profit these shares can earn you. The more shares that you have, the more passive income you will earn!

Each share purchase will be taken and ran through our network of Social Media assets, each time a Facebook Like, Google +1, or Twitter Follower is purchased from one of our network offers, you get paid!

The most powerful part of the system is that this will never stop!

Millions of business owners are relying on Facebook Likes, Google +1, and Twitter Followers to boost exposure to their businesses and we're already selling hundreds of thousands of these services already! It has not stopped growing since we began doing this!

Refer People To Us

This is another powerful component of our Social Cash Robot system. While you are collecting your passive cash from your share purchases, why not build your downline income as well? It's so easy to do so and will guarantee your passive income with us.

For each referral that you send us, we'll pay you 10% of every share purchase that they make.

It doesn't end there, for each referral that one of your 1st level referrals makes, we'll pay you an additional 5% on their referrals share purchase!

As you can see, this will really add up and it is a no brainer to sponsor a few people into your downline! Who doesn't like to make more money?


Get paid to click on our member's ads and setup valuable advertising as a member that will explode your social network reach!

3. Can I use your Social Network Promotional Services for my own business?

Unfortunately, as we provide services to thousands of business owners already that have paid for exclusive use of our Social Network System. We cannot provide access to these services to the public. Social Cash Robot is a separate entity from that business. However, we are offering you the ability to be a silent partner in this business with us - we do all the hard work and you collect the profits!

4. How do I purchase shares?

It's EASY! Just login to your members area and visit the "Purchase Shares" link on the left side menu. You can use Solid Trust Pay, Bitcoin, Payeer, Payza or Perfect Money to make your purchase.

If you do not have one of these, you can get your free accounts by using the links below!

Solid Trust Pay

>> Click Here To Get Your FREE Solid Trust Pay Account <<


>> Click Here To Get Your FREE Payza Account <<


>> Click Here To Get Your FREE Bitcoin Wallet <<

Perfect Money

>> Click Here TO Setup Your FREE Perfect Money Account <<


>> Click Here To Setup Your FREE Payeer Account <<

Payza Rules:

We've added Payza as a payment processors for both Withdrawals and Share Purchases. However, please note that this may be subject to change at any time.

We may temporarily add and remove this option as payment method at anytime so take advantage of it while you can

You should also maintain an Active SolidTrustPay account for the fastest possible withdrawals

5.Can I use a different payment processor to purchase or withdrawal?

Unfortunately, as there is a certain degree of risk with money making opportunities such as this one. We are only going to be using Payment Processors that we have working relationships with and can rely on to always be available for everyone to use. We will not risk the funds of our member's using Payment Processors that are known to be unstable or we do not know if they will pay you or not.

6. How do I cash out or withdraw my available funds?

EASY! First, you need to make sure that you have your correct Payment Account on file. You can update your payment account profile by visiting the "Update Profile" section of your member's area. Once you've added at least one payment account, visit the "Withdraw" section of your member's area and fill out the form there.

7. Are there any withdrawal rules or restrictions?

Unfortunately, because of the nature of fraud on the internet. There are a few restrictions on withdrawals. You must have at least $5.00 in your available balance before you can request a withdrawal. 

As of April 20th, 2016. We've modified our withdrawal policy to reflect security and safety precautions that we must implement to ensure maximum long term stability.

The policy is as follows:

Any Payment Processor withdrawal that is found to be valid by our security team will be processed within 72 Hours or less. Most of the time we complete withdrawals in under 24 hours. Sometimes even 3-4 hours.

We try to pay everyone's request as fast as humanly possible.

On very rare occasions, our security team might put your account on "Hold" for upto 7 days. This means that you will not receive withdrawals on your account for upto 7 days. This usually only occurs if there is an extremely strong potential for fraud abuse.

Individual Policies By Payment Processor

- Payza

Due to Payza instituting a 24 hour payment hold on all incoming payments to our merchant account. Payza Withdrawal Requests will be paid 24 hours after you first request it between 4 PM Eastern Time and 7 PM Eastern Time.

Payza Withdrawal requests are usually completed Once every 24 hours.

- Solid Trust Pay

Solid Trust Pay Payments are handled as soon as they've completed security review. Once we've reviewed them, they will be sent. This can take between 12 and 24 hours but normally it's much faster!

- Payeer

You may only withdraw using Payeer if you have purchased at least 1 share using Payeer. If you have then your Payeer Withdrawal Request will be sent within 12-24 hours of processing time. Normally much faster.

- Perfect Money

You may only withdraw to Perfect Money if you have purchased at least 1 share using Perfect Money. If you have then your Perfect Money Withdrawal request will be sent within 12-24 hours of processing time. Normally much faster!

- Bitcoin

Currently, direct bitcoin withdrawal requests are not supported. However, we will be adding them within the next few weeks :)

Please do not send in a support ticket unless it has been 72 hours already and you have not received your withdrawal yet.

8. Can I reinvest my profits into new shares?

Absolutely! To do so, please visit the "Purchase Shares" button inside of your member's area. Once there, scroll down to the very bottom. You'll see a form for reinvesting at the bottom. This area will ONLY appear if you have at least $49.01 in your available balance!

9. HELP! I'm not receiving as much profit as I did yesterday? What happened?

There is no guaranteed time frame or amount as to how much or when you will earn. As we run your share purchase through the system, sales and profits will go up and down. There is no controlling this as it is a business and like any other business, there are slow periods. Please do not worry, profits will ALWAYS be paid and you can expect to be receiving payments every day.

10. What are referral commission percentages?

1st level is: 10% and the 2nd level is: 5%

11. Do I need to purchase a share to get paid for referrering others to the program?

Absolutely NOT!  Even if you never purchase a share, you'll still receive the same commissions as everyone else!

CashClix Specific Questions

What is CashClix?

CashClix is a unique opportunity that offers our member's 3 unique benefits:

Benefit #1: Member's Can Get Paid To Click Ads

This is a quick and easy way to add an additional income stream to your portfolio! All you need to do is click as many ads as are available to you every 24 hours!

Benefit #2: Member's Can Grow Their Website Traffic

Each member will be able to purchase and setup advertising that will be seen by the entire Social Cash Robot database. This is a super easy way for member's to instantly build their business.

Benefit #3: Member's Can Expand Their Social Network Reach

One of the more unique features that we offer is that member's have the ability to add their various social network profiles to their ads automatically. This means that whenever a user visits your ad, they will also be encouraged to visit your Social Network Profiles which in turn will literally triple the conversion rates of your ads!

This is just a unique way that you can automatically engage your customers and increase your profits at the same time!

How Do I Click Ads?

All you need to do is simply visit the "CashClix" section of your member's area. There you will find the grid of ads that are available for you to click.

How Do I Purchase and Setup Ads?

It's SO SIMPLE! All you need to do is visit the "Manage Ads" section of your member's area and follow the instructions on that page!

Have more questions? Open a support ticket by clicking the button in the top menu

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